About us!

Ghembsen Jewelry is your jewelry store committed to bringing you the best in diamonds and sapphires.

We want you to find the best jewelry for whatever purpose. If you need an engagement ring we will help you find one that looks astonishing and does not cost too much.

Indeed, one of our foundational values here at Ghembsen Jewelry is to provide you not only exceptional gemstones of an outstanding quality. But also do it in a way where you feel good and have all your questions answered.

Most Jewelry Stores only have salesmen that are interested in making a sale. We at Ghembsen Jewelry however are certified Jewelry professionals that really care about giving you the kind of quality gemstone that you truly need and desire.

In our team we have one AGS certified gemologist appraiser and one GAHK certified gemologist (Gemmological Association of Hong Kong).

We at Ghembsen Jewelry will tell you straight forward that a diamond might not have the best quality but a better price if that is what you are looking for.

If however you are looking for a premium gemstone we will also gladly provide you with that.

The general rules for picking a diamond are as follows:

Of course, this is is only the beginning of your gemstone education and this is where we will fill all your voids.

All of our employees have read the book Gem Identification Made Easy and are therefore very knowledgeable in terms of gemstones and diamonds!

Please look at the following impression taken from the everyday life of our Jewelry store:

Ghembsen Jewelry Store

If you have the time to visit our store in the beautiful city of Wallingford we would be most happy:

2396 Meadow View Drive

06492 Wallingford, Connecticut

However we are also very happy to take your orders via phone and email to give you the kind of consultation that you really need:

Tel: +1.8604846491

Mail: erika@ghembsen.org

In order to get to know all of our professional employees please click here to get to know our team!