Diamond Rings – Free Dimensional (2012) Full Album

Diamond Rings – Free Dimensional (2012) Full Album
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Everything Speaks
All The Time
Runaway Love
Put Me On
I’m Just me
Hand Over My Heart
(I Know) What I’m Made Of
A To Z
Stand My Ground
Day & Night

Diamond Rings – Something Else

Diamond Rings – Something Else
“Special Affections” available now!
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iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/special-affections/id396318004

Directed by Colin Medley and Jared Raab.
Make-Up by Lisa Howard.

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What are women looking for in a diamond?

You might have invested many hours of research into finding a really brilliant piece of diamond.

And you might have invested even more hours beforehand into getting the right diamond education. You might have read a lot on diamond educational pages like Pricescope.

Indeed, we recommend visiting forums like these to get a real diamond education. Of course, it is also very wise to get in contact with jewelry and diamond experts like ourselves!

What is bad about being highly educated about diamonds?

So, what could possible be bad about understanding everything about the diamond 4Cs?

One disadvantage could be that you are getting more and more into the technical side of diamonds without really understanding what your woman is really looking for in a diamond!

In the video below you can see a critical voice about why diamonds became so popular in the first place:

It is absolutely true that diamonds only became so popular once a company called De Beers actually promoted and established them as a symbol of love! Which was not so long ago!

So basically we have all been brainwashed to associated diamonds with never ending love!

De Beers influence on diamonds becoming popular!

In 1947 the term was coined “A Diamond is Forever!” by a marketing company working for De Beers.

It was this term that shifted an entire’s generation notion about what a diamond is.

Of course, this does not mean that an engagement ring does not mean anything. Actually, engagement rings used to exist a long time ago. But before De Beers hardly any engagement rings actually contained a diamond.

So why are we telling this to you? Quite simply we just want you to understand where diamond engagement rings are actually coming from!

So what about women and diamond engagement rings?

Women actually like engagement rings because it makes them feel special and glamourous.

Just have a look at the wonderful diamond engagement ring below:

Diamond Ring on a Woman's Finger

As you can see the special thing about a diamond engagement ring is the fact that it almost instantly catches the eyes of everybody interacting with the wearer.

As the diamond engagement ring is passed to the woman in a very special and romantically charged situation the woman will always associate the diamond ring with this very special situation: The proposal!

Therefore the sparkling and glittering nature of the diamond is best suited to stress the emotional importance of the proposal: It stands for the beginning of a commitment to be together forever!

What you really need to know when picking a diamond!

So when you give a diamond to your future wife she does not know anything about crown angles and pavilion angles and other technical details like that. Your woman is only interested in her diamond looking gorgeous and this is the only thing that you really need to make sure!

Thus, you most definitely do not need to go overboard with the diamond clarity and the diamond color. It is not very reasonable to spend a whole lot of money on the diamond color. Especially if you are looking at the colorless range of D to F colored diamonds:

Difference between a D and G colored diamondJust have a look at these two diamonds: The one is a D color and the other one is a G color!

While you can see a difference between these two diamonds on this picture you would not necessarily be able to see the difference in real life!

You have to bear in mind that on this picture both diamonds are contrasted with a perfectly white background. Furthermore both diamonds lie on their table which exposes their body color even more!

In real life however you don’t look at diamonds like that. A normal diamond is set onto a ring setting where it tends to pick up quite some color from the ring metal.

It is for this reason that it does not really pay to buy a colorless diamond. Optically it wil not look different than a near colorless diamond and you will save money on the diamond.

Your woman just wants to look at the diamond and feel like she can fall in love with it on the spot! As long as the diamond color does not look brown (which would be the case with a K colored diamond) she will love it anyway!

Just be that guy who gives your woman the perfect engagement ring without spending too much money on features like diamond color or clarity.

We will gladly help you out if you need to make a decision or have any particular question!