Our Team

We at Ghembsen Jewelry are absolutely committed to giving you the best jewelry shopping experience.

This is why we have assembled a team of top gemmologists and jewelry professionals.

Here you can get us to know even better:

Erika  Kittleson

CEO Erika Kittleson Erika Kittleson is the Founder and CEO of Ghembsen Jewelry!

Erika is not only an AGS certified Gemmologist but also a GIA Jewelry Professional. She is also a very active member of the American Jewelers Board.

Erika has “inherited” her passion for gemstones from her father who used to be a diamond cutter from South Africa.

Growing up as a little child Erika saw her father polishing fine diamonds and sapphires into the perfect shape.

She started out polishing gemstones at the age of 14. At the age of 18 Erika’s family settled over to the United States.

After working for the American Gem Society as a professional diamond appraiser for 5 years Erika decided to start out with her own gemstone business.

Thus, Erica was able to bring in not only her expertise but also her deep understandig of what people are really looking for in a gemstone!

Her Business Ghembsen Jewelry has been a huge success and attacted more and more customers to the Jewelry Store.

Apart from managing the brick and mortar business Erica is also in charge of the online part of Ghembsen Jewelry.

Marc Lauren

AGS Graduate Marc LaurenErika got to know Marc Lauren during the time when both worked as professional diamond appraisers for the American Gem Society!

Marc Lauren is also an AGS certified appraiser and also has a deep understanding about pearls.

When Erika told Marc that she was to found her own Jewelry business Marc was all fire and suggested join her. As Erika knew herself that Marc has a tremendous amount of knowledge not only about diamonds but also about all kinds of other  gemstones and pearls it was not difficult for her to say yes.

Currently Marc is responsible for the latest gemstone deliveries. It is his critical eyes that decide whether to buy or not to buy a particular diamond.

Marc has a fancy for hearts and arrows diamonds but is also an expert in choosing low budget diamonds that look like extremely high quality.

His secret is to find eye clean diamonds among the lower clarity grades. This requires a little bit more effort but is well possible so that people are able to save a large amount of money.

After all, this is what Ghembsen Jewelry is really all about!

Ruth Ginsberg

Employee Ruth GinsbergRuth Ginsberg is a GAHK certified professional gemmologist. GAHK is the Gemmological Association of Hong Kong.

Having grown up in Hong Kong herself she grew up with a mother who worked in a local jeweler’s store.

After her studies of international business administration at the University of Hong Kong she decided to follow her mother’s path.

She met Erika at the Hong Kong Gem Fair and has established a friendship with Erika ever since.

After Ruth moved to the United States in 2013 she decided to join Ghembsen Jewelry to support the plans for a bigger expansion.

Ruth is currently responsible for the day to day brick and mortar business and is consulting all the people entering the store.

She also sometimes gives free gemstone lectures at the city town hall or at Ghembsen Jewelry herself!

Rick Ruban

Rick RubanRick Ruban is our diamond expert with a background as a GIA diamonds graduate.

He developped a passion for diamonds when he started out to dig for diamonds on his own in his early twenties. An adventurer in his heart looking for diamonds has always been his passion.

Having settled down he wants to give his knowledge about diamonds to those people that can benefit most from it: Men on the lookout for a wonderful engagement ring!

Rick is guy with lots of hearts and great humor. He always makes all customers at Ghembsen Jewelry feel at home and laugh a whole lot!